Thursday, March 10, 2011

In Soviet Russia, Overlord serves you?

Remember when Twin Cinema come out? That album fucking rocked. Ever wonder what it would sound like if it popped? No? Well, Brooklyn's Overlord have already come up with an answer, so don't worry your pretty little head. In Soviet Russia, My Heart Breaks You is due out April 1st on Storm Tower Records, and as I alluded, there's a bit of a New Pornographers thing going. That, and the Smiths, but they're not complaining about the comparison, so neither will I. I will give them a little more credit though: by mixing influences from the bast 50 years Overlord have developed a sound more complex than just a "poppy New Pornographers." Wow, that was almost silly-professional-reviewer sounding, but basically it's the first album of the year that's "Summer Jam" worthy.

In the meantime, need something to throw on your "Springtime Drive Mix?"

Oh, My Mechanical Heart .mp3

Keep it from the Baby .mp3

Or stream the whole thing on their Bandcamp!

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