Friday, January 30, 2009

It's been so long

So how about a massive update?
The Felt Tips have a new 3" CDR out on WeePOP! It's every bit as wonderful as their releases on Cloudberry, so I recommend heading over there and ordering yourself a copy! I'd also snag the weePOP-up compilation, seeing as it's pretty ace and a pop-up!

The One Who Got Away .mp3

Speaking of compilations, Matt finally finished up the Skatterbrain comp. Between the cover art and track-list it looks fantastic!

The new Pains album is available for pre-order over at Slumberland. You don't even know how great it is! This is the opening track...

Contender .mp3

And while I'm on the topic of pre-orders and noise, the new Asobi Seksu album is also available for pre-order over at Polyvinyl! Amazing.

Me & Mary .mp3

Something's awry at tweenet...

There's oodles of popfests now! Here's to you London and San Francisco! And while you're globe-trotting, Magic Marker Records turned 10! They're having a little shindig in Portland to celebrate. Dear Nora anyone?

I think that's it.

Monday, January 12, 2009


So, as expected, the new Pains of Being Pure at Heart album is phenomenal (officially, it comes out February 3rd). It has some old songs, and some new songs and they're all good songs. I don't think the songs need much talking up, as the Pains couldn't make a bad song if they tried. I was listening to it on the subway this morning, and the train ride changed from a way-to-early commute to a high speed rocket of noisy, jangly, fuzzy, pop perfection. That's they best way to describe the album; pop perfection.
I can't spoil any of the new songs just yet, but I can give a track list to tide you over.

1. Contender
2. Come Saturday
3. Young Adult Friction
4. This Love Is Fucking Right!
5. The Tenure Itch
6. Stay Alive
7. Everything With You
8. A Teenager In Love
9. Hey Paul
10.Gentle Sons

And apparently I was miss-informed about Sexy Kids putting out an album. They're on a bit of a hiatus. Crushing.