Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The History of Apple Pie

You know the saying "As American as apple pie?" It's not especially accurate, seeing as apple pie's origin can be traced back to 14th century England. That's right, the History of Apple Pie is British. See what I did there? Flawless segue. But really, The History of Apple Pie are a two piece from London who are making some pretty reverb-y (or pretty, reverb-y) pop songs. They're still in the writing/recording process right now, but when your first dish is a cup of Comet Gain, three scoops of Young Marble Giants, and two tablespoons of Galaxie 500, all baked in a flakey Beach Boys crust I'm excited to see what else is in the oven.

Sorry, that was stupid, but I reaaaallly want some pie.
Here's a .mp3 of "Tug."