Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rise and shine sleepy head!

I've been abysmally lazy for the past couple weeks, and Mike's put out five, yes, five, superb new releases in the past month.

The Pains new single "Say No To Love" is every bit as good as you'd expect it to be. And one of the perks of being indie-pop super stars is you can make all sorts of ace music videos to accompany your ace singles and everything will be ace. And that wasn't the least bit sarcastic, unlike a certain NME article.

See? And you can download it here.

Tender Trap are sounding like a proper girl group these days with Amelia, and the new additions Katrina and Elizabeth, all pitching in on vocals. Actually, the girly harmonies are about as far as the girl group comparisons can go. The ramshackle beats, dirty-jangle guitars and somewhat seedy subject matter are still classic Tender Trap/Heavenly/Talulah Gosh. You can get a taste from the "Do You Want a Boyfriend" single, or a three course meal with Dansette Dansette.

Here's Dansette Dansette's title track.

New Haven's Procedure Club is the noisiest bedroom pop project I've heard in a while. If you haven't been washed away by the deluge of noisy, reverb drenched garage pop bands from the past year, give Procedure Club a listen. While Andrea might be a raging bitch (Adam's words, not mine. I'm sure she's perfectly lovely), she's got some pipes on her. And Adam has a gift for causing a racket. A beautiful, beautiful, racket that would get most people evicted. Is there really any higher praise one can bestow?

Nautical Song .mp3. It's loud.