Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hurrah for Slumberland!

The last time I talked to Mike from Slumberland, he said that it was crunch time over there, and boy he wasn't kidding! Next week (October 28th to be precise) will see the release of full length albums from CaUSE Co-MOTIONS and Crystal Stilts!

Crystal Stilts sound like they were fans of Joy Division and The Jesus and Mary Chain as well as some more southerly groups and decided to mix these influences together to make some sort of awesome hybrid pop. Their new album Alight of Night is 11 tracks of popapunkajanglebilly genius with each track building where the last left off: aka a superbly made album.

Crystal Stilts .mp3

CaUSE Co-MOTION must have really liked 90's DIY crash pop, and they wouldn't be out of place throwing candy to the crowd with Calvin. It's Time is 14 jams in under 20 minutes to scratch that Pastels/Comet Gain/anything crashy, jangly, and awesome itch.

This Time Next Year .mp3

And speaking of Slumberland I should hopfully have a little treat from Mike sometime soon, so keep your eyes open, because it'll be epic.


Angelica said...

I think it's a big year for Slumberland. All the releases this year have been ace! Can't wait for tuesday!

Blake said...

I know! Slumberland has been on fire this year! And next year looks like more of the same!