Saturday, December 20, 2008

Things that were really good this year.

Geez, it's been a really long time since I've updated...
I don't like being restricted to just a top ten list, so instead I have a list of things that were really good this year. It's a medley of songs, 7"s, albums, concerts, and whatever else I deem really good.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart- Everything With You 7"

The Pains (of Being Pure at Heart) just killed it this year. Everyone and their mother thinks that "Everything with You" was the single of the year and I wholeheartedly agree. That, and they put on an awesome live show, and that Kip is not, in fact, a dick. And they have an album coming out next year on Slumberland

Everything with you .mp3

NYC Popfest!

More pop than you can shake a stick at. The Cannanes flew in. Cats on Fire made it. Tullycraft finally came to the east coast. The Orchids?! And there's still another 20 bands that were all absolutely fantastic.

Sexy Kids- Sisters are Forever 7"

Sexy Kids sound kind of like a toned down Royal We (because they're members of The Royal We), and are every bit as catchy. This little gem got a lot of buzz when it was released and I would say it is indeed that sweet. And what's that? They have an album coming out next year on Slumberland as well? Hoo ha.

Sisters are Forever .mp3

Slumberland Records

Talk about a comeback! After an all too long hiatus Slumberland Records came back with a vengeance. Between the ace podcasts and slew of absolutely stellar 7"s and full lengths, I would say the label of the year award would have to go to Mike.

One Happy Island- Secret Party That the Other Party Doesn't Know About

Four super-catchy sing-along pop songs from the twee-est kids in all of Boston. The only problem with this release? All the songs are so catchy, you won't know which to have stuck in your head. Temporary Tattoo is the obvious choice, with all its killer little melody and talk of long lasting unicorn and frog temporary tattoos.

Temporary Tattoo .mp3

The Tartans- Cats of Camerford/ My Baby Doesn't Care for You

LA isn't exactly at the top of the list for indie-pop epicenters (or really on the list for that matter), but the Tartans didn't let that stop them, and showed the world LA is okay by putting out two superb singles. I couldn't pick which I liked more, so I decided to split the difference and put up both the a-sides.

My Baby Doesn't Care for You .mp3

Asobi Seksu- Me and Mary

Awesome song. Awesome 7". Awesome live. It's catchy and kind of feels dance-y and that chorus has been stuck in my head since it came out, so I'd say it's pretty darn awesome.

Me and Mary .mp3

The Lodger- Life is Sweet

Epic summer jam! It's still good to listen to in end of December, so I guess it's just an epic jam. That baseline just gets me. Another winner from Slumberland.

The Lucksmiths- First Frost

I don't think this even warrants an explanation. It's new material from The Lucksmiths, so of course it's amazing. Any new material from the boys is good news, really good new material is even better.

Up With The Sun .mp3

There's a bunch of other things that were super awesome, but these were the first to come to mind.

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