Friday, March 6, 2009

I am pants. I play music.

Maybe you were up at Popfest New England last year and caught the Inclined Plane. If not, you should look into them. They have a new album coming out in April, and if you're looking to fill that slower-tempo lo-fi hole in your life, I'd recommend checking it out. From the sounds of it I Am Pants is going to be what you want to listen to late at night when the party's dwindling but no one wants to go home, so you sit on the couch and look through old photo albums.

Important In the Morning .mp3

On the other end of the spectrum is Play Music from Thieves Like Us. Basically, if you like New Order (or Hot Chip), light electronic stuff, or coke binges you NEED this. But really, it's super dance-y. If I Am Pants is what you listen to sitting on the couch, Play Music is what you play when you want to dance, but the discotheque doesn't play anything you want to hear, so you have your own dance party in your living room. It's like club music for pop kids. Then again, this'll probably be huge at the discotheque. It's be available from Shelflife Records March 10th, on 12" vinyl none the less, so you can do your bump right off the spinning record!

Drugs In My Body .mp3

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