Monday, May 18, 2009


I sort of have a computer again! Time for the super-fast-indie-pop-recap!

NYC Popfest is over! :( I missed it, but I hope those of you who made it had a blast!

Coming up, SF Popfest! I can't make that either...someone freak the fuck out at Tullycraft for me. Cheap Red too!

Speaking of Cheap Red, Boyracer re-issued happenstance on vinyl. I don't know if there are any copies left at this point, but if there are I'd highly reccommend grabbing one!

Lacrosse have a new video for a new single from their new album! There aren't any hand puppets, but there are balloons!

The Champagne Socialists play fuzzy 50s-60s style pop. They're opening for the Pains in July, and remind me of the early works of a certain Mr. Thomas.

Teardrop Tattoo .mp3

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