Monday, November 30, 2009

More Slumberland!

Let's see...I've been so backed up and have a billion things to cover (thanks a lot Mike!)...

Pants Yell's new album Received Pronunciation is absolutely fantastic. Jangly guitars and earnest, will written lyrics are always in style. Remember Alison Statton? No, Alison Statton. Yeah her, with her perfectly delivered little whispers and words. Andrew was taking notes from the best, hence the aforementioned album, and hence the magic of the understatement that is Received Pronunciation. And it comes in some spiffy faux-Japanese packaging complete with obi strips (those neat little paper belt things for albums). You can go to their myspace to give them a listen, or to Slumberland to give them an order.

Here's the opener to get you hooked!
Frank and Sandy .mp3

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