Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Well fuck.

No more Bridal Shop.

A la their myspace:

And then -- silence. No cards, no best wishes, no "I See You In Hell" comments... Why?Well, the world of "independent" pop music is probably glad to see one of its worst opponents, The Bridal Shop, the Knights of the Truth, sink into the sea of oblivion; finally everything can work smoothly again, and -- never forget that things work like architecture -- finally the misty lords of the industry can release loads of records which will all carry the BAU inscription (Business as usual); and when you go to a BAU concert, dressed like a five-year-old, you can finally listen to your heterosexual, banal, "seeensitiiiiive", shit music, mostly sung by broken-hearted boys with cute hairdos, without being disturbed by, damn right, The Bridal Shop, the Knights of the Truth.

To my homies Hegel and Adorno, and to everyone daring to express something truly beautiful in a world where beauty is destined to decay in an alphabet of nothingness: Welcome! Let's fuck time and make love to space!


Well, here's the entire From Seas EP.

And the video for "Ideal State."

the bridal shop: IDEAL STATE from fredo landaveri on Vimeo.

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