Sunday, April 18, 2010

Very Truly Yours!

I just made a root beer float, and gave the new Very Truly Yours album Things You Used to Say, a spin on the stereo. It was an excellent combination. Very Truly Yours say they're influenced by Heavenly and Camera Obscura, and I wouldn't disagree. I would probably be content listening to Kristine sing the dictionary, especially if she had Katie backer her up. Add the some guitars, strings, keys, glock, and drums and you've got a hit. Now replace the dictionary with something handwritten and heartfelt and you've got a smashing album. Honestly it's good enough that I can't even do a track-by-track review because it seems uncouth to do anything but let it play through. So, if you like Camera Obscura and other pretty sounding pop things of that ilk, I'd highly recommend picking up a copy from Skywriting Records so you can fully enjoy summer!

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