Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Slumberland doesn't sleep!

Two new singles from Slumberland! First up is Sexy Kids' (ex-Royal We) debut single "Sisters are Forever" b/w "Drown Me." "Sisters are Forever" chugs right along, but, instead of taking the interstate, it races down the back-roads to that chorus, and when they get there, it sticks with you like white on rice. Where "Sisters Are Forever" has that driving punk feeling, "Drown Me" is its perfectly sparse counterpart. Held together by a simple guitar line, 8th note high-hats, hand claps, and a la-la chorus "Drown Me" is pop, plain and simple.

Sisters are Forever .mp3
Drown Me .mp3

Bricolage sound like Orange Juice on a sugar high. So, maybe they sound something like Sunny-D. "Turn U Over" comes off their debut album (which is seeing its stateside release in January), and "Night Falls With Vertigo" is meeting vinyl for the first time. With chunky guitars, lots of harmonizing vocals and oodles of "whooo-aaahh," "shoooo-waah-aah-aah," and all sorts of other "oooo-aaahh"s Bricolage already have one of the best albums of next year.

Turn U Over .mp3
Night Falls With Vertigo .mp3

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