Saturday, December 12, 2009

Brilliant Colors/Kleenex

So I'll just go ahead and say it. The new(ish) Brilliant Colors album is light-years better than their old EPs. It's simultaneously more polished and more raw (alternately, I've heard "punk" thrown around), Jess' voice has more presence, and with more experience I would say the three of them have gotten better at what they do (makes sense, right?). With its raw guitars, reverb, and poignant lyrics, Introducing is 24 minutes of DIY pop fun. Think Kleenex meets The Flatmates or Shop Assistants and you're in the ballpark. You can pick up a spiffy copy on CD or vinyl from Slumberland.

Should I Tell You .mp3

I've always been more of a Kleenex than LiLiPUT guy. They're kind of raw, kind of punk, and all kinds of catchy. This is their self titled 7" and it's a must have for fans of grrrl groups.

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