Saturday, December 26, 2009

Looking to tour Europe?

I'm not really one for shameless product endorsements, but I thought this was pretty neat, and could potentially be useful to some people. I got an email about a rather nice little reference/how-to guide on touring basically all of Europe (including Iceland!). Rock & Roll Highschool is a 292 page "resource book" that is half magazine, with articles about everything from label advice from a German metal-head to what the Raveonettes wear on stage, and half international directory for venues, promoters and labels all over Europe. While the articles are interesting on their own, I'd have to say the concise and well organized directory is reason enough to pick up a copy, and would be a great jumping off point for trying to book some shows (or even just a good list of places to check out if you visit any country in Europe). So if you're looking to tour and want some tips from people who know what's going on, or just an international venue directory, check out Rock & Roll Highschool. I know it's not exactly targeted at popkids, but like I said, it might be useful if you're planning on touring, especially for you European folks looking for some venues in your area.

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