Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Fictional West

Some of you may have seen that Tweefort has expanded to the point of starting its own online record label. Now Danny's a pretty cool guy and has pretty good taste, so needless to say I had some pretty high expectations. The Fictional West, a recently formed three-piece from Connecticut definitely exceeded them.

With hints of The Magnetic Fields, the Smiths, and what I say tastes like Orange Juice have a perfect formula for down-tempo jangle pop, seeing as their jangle isn't exactly jangle-y, The Fictional West play that lazy-day, let's go for a drive, indiepop that I'm so fond of. And they don't just sound like the aforementioned groups, they also have the same knack for songwriting. No lie, the Giant Clouds single sounds like it could have been sent in to NME and gotten lost in the post for 20 years.

You can download the single directly from Tweefort here.

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