Monday, January 18, 2010

Quince Records is effing sweet!

So I've been meaning to mention some more recent releases from those fine folks that brought us Half Dreaming (which is still brilliant) for a while, and it just never happened. That said, here's two Quince Records releases that have been getting some pretty heavy play lately.

SPC ECO put out an album in June last year, and I have to say they're one of the best, true-blue, shoegaze acts out there. Sure they have a leg up on the competition seeing as Dean has umpteen years of shoegaze-xperience (remember Curve?). But you know they're good when they get Andy-fucking-Bell on one of their tracks. Talk about indie-cred. In the dead of winter there's only two things that pass through my headphones: Rose Melberg, or shoegaze. Unlike in the 15th century, everyone is a winner because Rose Berlin's voice can melt your heart faster than snow on a city street.

You're Alright .mp3

Speaking of shoegaze and things I've been listening to, Quince also put out a Maribel album almost a year ago. I know I'm a little late (I think Matt from Skatterbrain used one of the tracks on a mix), but Aesthetics still warrants all the attention it can get. Between the fuzzy guitars, breathy lyrics, and occasional atmospheric dreamscapes Maribel have a bright future of staring at little LEDs.

Downstairs .mp3

Check out Quince's myspace for some other bands/releases as well. They have a really great roster.

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