Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Bare Threads!

So, I was away for a couple days and came back to some wonderful news from Japan's Quince records. The news itself is neither here nor there in regards to this, but what is here is what came of the little game of top friend jumping I played after checking out Quince's myspace: the lovely Bare Threads. If I were to have a soiree where everyone hade to drink whiskey and wear fancy clothes and dance and the only light came from oil lamps, I think this might be what it would sound like. Or at least be on the soundtrack. "Paint A Smile" is definitely doing it for me right now, but the freshly posted "Tell You Tales" isn't too shabby either. You should go check out their myspace to stream a couple tracks. Sadly, none of them are downloadable, hence the lack of mpfrees in this post.

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