Thursday, September 18, 2008

Oh! Minisnap!

I'm not sure how I forgot to post this, but Minisnap have their spiffy new album out on Magic Marker Records. With a title like "Bounce Around" you know it's going to be some good stuff. But oh my! Is it good stuff! If you're not hopping and bopping within the first couple seconds, you're dead inside. This is the sound of bliss. I'm actually suprised there's enough room in my head to have so man things stuck in it. Kaye's vocals are beautiful and she can write with the best of them. And then there's those guitars! Hot dang! Those guitars! And everything else! Go pick it up from Magic Marker right now! Why is New Zealand so awesome?

If there's even a trace of doubt about the awesomeness, listen to this!

Crooked Mile .mp3
Leave It To You .mp3

And check out Minisnap's Myspace for some more goodies.

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