Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm awake. Asia's Half Dreaming.

I just found out about the Half Dreaming "Asian shoegaze compilation" that came out on Quince Records back in August. It has contributors from China, Japan, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. All the tracks are noise-a-licious, but I'd say my favourite is the track by Perfect Angel. I don't have any of the .mp3s yet, but I do have a tracklist (and the country where each band is from).
1. The Majestic High See Her Fall (Korea)
2. burrrn Song Without Words (Japan)
3. Perfect Angel Cataclysmic (Indonesia)
4. Hideka Echoes (Japan)
5. Elemental Gaze Unperfect Sky (Indonesia)
6. Monocism Seisou (Japan)
7. Daixiaole Satellite Boy (China)
8. Oeil Strawberry Cream (Japan)
9. Witherspoon Tingles And Everything (Malaysia)
10. The Evening Primrose Stargazer (Hong Kong)
11. Caucus Sing (half dreaming version) (Japan)
12. Candyaudioline Felt So Fine (Philippines)
13. Sharesprings Fix Your Eyes On (Indonesia)
14. Nanocycle Great Little Ones (Japan)
15. Everybody Loves Irene Love Is So Strange (Indonesia)
16. cryv April And You, March And I (Japan)

You can go to the Quince Records Myspace and link off of that to hear all the different bands.

If you live in America, you can pick it up here, which I'd recommend.

I also have some more stuff from that side of the world that I'll be posting about soon.

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Stuart Mackinnon said...

This is by far my favourite album of the past year. I listen to it every day. Perfect Angel and Sharesprings are my fav bands on the disc but every single song is a keeper. I hope I can find more of this stuff. Anyone know where a Canadian can find Indonesian indie music???