Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More goodies from Indonesia! Pt.2

So, just so everyone knows, group jumping photos=awesome! And the Ballads of The Cliché are pretty awesome. They're from Jakarta, Indonesia (which, from the looks of it, has one heck of a scene) and play some pretty dang good pop music. Think Belle and Sebastian if Stuart Murdoch was in a good mood and feeling cute. Then again, sometimes you could just think Belle and Sebastian. And don't forget to throw in some folk or 70's pop. Ballads of The Cliché have a perfect mix of acoustic pop, jangly guitar and twee (not to mention a medley of other influences). And is that some doo-woop they're dropping on me?! Dang! They're good! If it were June and I was driving down to the ice cream shoppe to meet up with a pretty young thing and then when I got there saw her sharing a milkshake with the ice cream boy and then drove off to go get a cupcake instead, Ballads of The Cliché would have the soundtrack for the entire day covered. They have a bunch of music streaming (is it downloadable? I still can't figure it out!) over at their myspace. From there you can also watch a bunch of music videos and order some CDs and email them and do a bunch of other things.

Anyways, because it's a good song (and video) and I can't post an .mp3, and I like the concept, I present to you the video for "Jennifer Love Hewitt."

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