Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More goodies from Indonesia! Pt.1

Shoegaze is a wonderful friend late at night (or early in the morning). I'd been meaning to post about Hazel for a while now, but between computer crashes and other fun things I never got the chance. They're a five piece from Indonesia, and have that dreamy shoegazey sound dialed. It's fantastic; it just comes swelling over you, and in the dark at 2:00 AM it's a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, they only have one song on their myspace (which used to be downloadable, but since myspace changed their player format I can't find out how to get it...yes, I know "it's right there!" but, alas, I am not versed in the world of myspace), and may not even be together anymore. Their myspace is still active, which is a good sign, but there hasn't been any updates in over a year, which is a pity...
Anyways, go give them a listen, and maybe if you send them a nice message they'll send you some music!

Hazel's myspace.

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