Sunday, September 21, 2008

Erik Hallden

He reminds me a whole lot of Jens Lekman (being a huge fan of Jens' stuff I'd say that's a very good thing), and it's not just his being Swedish. Anyways, "If I Ever Get Married" is a really good song, and the music video is thoroughly entertaining (and thanks to the censors, you can watch it at work). Erik has those wonderful songwriting skills that make Jens so enjoyable, and the perfect voice to match. If it were summer right now, I'm sure this would be one of my jams. Since it's more like fall, I guess it'll have to be an autumn jam.

Here, download it!
If I Ever Get Married .mp3

And for the fun of it, here's some Jens
A Sweet Summer's Night on Hamer Hill .mp3
Wrap Your Arms Around Me .mp3

On an unrelated note...Chocolate Lucky Charms, not so good.

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