Monday, September 22, 2008

Everything With You!

Hot dang! I've been waiting for this one for ages! Luckily, I know some people who are fantastic people, so I say pish-posh to October 14th! But that's when Slumberland Records puts this fantastical single out into the world. With Everything With You taking care of the a-side and The Pains of Being Pure At Heart covering the b-side, this is definitely one of the best 7"s released all year. With all that fuzzy-pop making its way to your brain, if hearing this doesn't make something bubble up inside you and turn into cupcakes covered with glittery frosting, you should go get yourself checked out. So, to hold you over until the 14th you can give it a listen right here.

Everything With You .mp3

The Pains of being Pure at Heart .mp3

And because I can, and it's that good, here's the POBPAH's side of their split with the Parallelograms...
Kurt Cobain's Cardigan .mp3

So, now that your Monday musical listenings are pretty much taken care you should get up and go out, because it's a beautiful day. And take your ipod or whatever with you.

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