Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The past couple days have been very kind to my mailbox. First I got my Series Two Records compilation set of volumes 10-14, and then today I got my copy of the new Pains of Being Pure at Heart single "Everything With You." All of it is just sooo goood.

The Series Two compilation consists of 390 minutes of music from all over the world. There's only 100 hand numbered copies of the special 5 disc set, so get to Series Two as quick as you can! I was number 33, so there's probably only a couple left by now! It's kind of hard to review that much all at once, so I'll just leave it at this is a really nice world sampler of mostly pop-ish music and a good way to hear lots of bands you've never heard of.

As for the Pains single, I've talked about it's awesomeness already, so all I have to say now about it is how pretty it is. Two superb track on gorgeous blue vinyl. And the cover art is also on the middle part of the physical 7"! This thing's the cat's best sunday clothes.

(and yes, that terrible picture is everything on my floor)

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