Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Besties!

Have their new album "Home Free" coming out November 11th, and I'm excited. They're definitely one of my favourite bands out there. For those of you unacquainted and uninitiated, they sound like "60's girl groups dry humping 90's pop punk" or kind of like the Go-Gos. Those are other people's opinions. I think they sound like the perfect soundtrack for a summer road trip to the beach. A.k.a awesome-ly indiepop! You can check out "What Would Tim Armstrong Do?"(from the new album) and some other tracks (from older releases) over at their myspace. If you like it, you can get their 7"s and eventually Home Free from Hugpatch Records, or their debut album "Singer" from Skipping Stones Records. If you live in New York, you should go see them sometime. They play a lot. In fact, they're playing at Glasslands on October 30th.

Here's a track I like a lot:
Rod N' Reel .mp3

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